Tracker Mortgage Abuse Claims

Rebate Insolvency Solutions Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for Debt Management.

We have a team of Debt Advisors, Insolvency Practitioners, Solicitors, Barristers, available to assist with your claim.

First meeting on claim is free and we then give our solution.

Each claim has widespread issues from Financial to Legal. In order to make the claim you need to be aware of all issues.

No two cases are the same and each case has its own merits and different causation.

Even if you have accepted the redress payment, you can now seek to make a claim based on the damage caused by the error.

We look into the detail of the history of events.

We analyse the figures year on year.

We look at the causation of Events from the initial error.

We will seek supporting, vouching documents from you.

We make our recommendation to you.

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